Maximum safety for the driver both during competitions and during training, the protection you can’t do without to maintain performance at the highest levels.

The flexible and light structure combined with the antishock foam padding offers ergonomics and freedom of movement capable of absorbing over 90% of energy in impacts at high deformation rates, allowing the dispersion of shocks and vibrations.

It offers a driving experience capable of combining the highest standards in safety factor with unique features in terms of lightness, comfort and breathability, in fact the use of anti-sweat, breathable fabric maintains the right body temperature even on the hottest days.


  • Adult XXXS - XXL
  • Child M - L - XL
  • Protective membrane in the most stressed areas during the race
  • The internal antishok foam padding allow to absorb high impact energies, designed to dissipate shocks and vibrations
  • Flexibility, softness and resistance to driving without a rigid and bulky padding
  • Made of internal and external anti-sweat and breathable fabric
  • Wide elastic band for a perfect fit
  • STOP ABRASION EFFECT : the particular structure of this protection prevents any rubbing that are often the cause of laceration and rips in the suit
  • Hand wash
  • Avoid the tumble drier
  • Do not iron

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