Since 1978 driven by passion

MIR RACELINE is an important Italian company that boasts over thirty years of experience in the motorsport sector.


A journey to do together

1978 The birth
The birth
1978 MIR RACELINE was born in 1983, but his story began several years earlier and has its roots in high fashion. In fact, the creation by the owner Bruno Mazzeschi of the “Confezioni Sabina” dates back to 1978, a tailoring workshop specialized in haute couture creations that boasts numerous collaborations with internationally renowned stylists such as Versace, Armani, Coveri.
1983 The first driver suits
The first driver suits
This is the year in which the spark that will change the history of the company is triggered. The prestigious high fashion collections will be accompanied by the first models of kart and fireproof suits for the drivers of the Minardi team.
1990 For sport only
For sport only
The definitive conversion of the production took place, abandoning high fashion to concentrate on what has always been Mazzeschi's passion, namely engines. Following a growing demand from drivers and teams, it was decided to implement the staff and MIR products began to be appreciated for quality and design in all parts of the world.
2000 Best drivers equipped by MIR
Best drivers equipped by MIR
Mir begins to count among its drivers, names that in the future will have a worldwide resonance: Hamilton, Alonso, Kubica, R. Schumacher, Rosberg and many others, collecting countless titles that over the years have made it the point of reference for motorsport teams all over the world. Over the years, the company has maintained the craftsmanship for all its products without ever ceasing to seek solutions that can revolutionize them, improving safety, aesthetics and comfort for pilots. This is where innovative insights arise such as: breathable inserts, bi-elastic fabric, ergonomic protections, pre-shaped sleeves, which have marked the past and will also mark the future of a company that is always on the move.
2016 Nowadays
Year of implementation of the research and development sector, new machinery is introduced to increase production so the company establishes itself as one of the best and most competitive factories at national level and, following the exponential growth of the sales network in international level.
2021 The future and customization
The future and customization
With the passing of the years, the customization sector is strongly consolidated which while initially focused mainly on suits, later thanks to the introduction of new latest generation machinery, it also extends to all other items and accessories. Thus, with the acquisition of new and more advanced technologies, such as sublimation and high-definition embroidery, each individual team can stand out on the competition fields, with an original and exclusive look.