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The ST shoe – EVO racing is entirely built with high quality Italian leather, it is very important to follow the washing instructions on the inside of the “tongue” of the shoe, below we list some steps to perform for a correct cleaning of your boots ST -Evolution:

ST-EVO shoes cannot be machine washed.

Do not rub the leather with abrasive brushes or colored waxes.

Periodically remove the accumulation of excess dirt using a cloth slightly dampened with lukewarm water, carefully rubbing the surface to be cleaned.

Allow to dry, always keeping it away from direct sources of light and heat.

Being technical boots, it is recommended to use it for driving only, so as to avoid premature wear and aging.

It is also advisable to strictly follow the instructions on the internal maintenance label.

For the cleaning of your ST-EVOLUTION kart shoes we advise you to follow some simple steps:

The KART boot cannot be machine washed.

To remove external dirt, simply wipe with a cloth soaked in water and gently rub the part to be cleaned.

It is important to let the shoes dry away from direct light or heat, possibly in an airy place.

It is recommended to use the shoes exclusively for driving the kart, so as to avoid wear or premature aging.

Strictly follow the washing label placed inside each boot.

Regarding the cleaning of gloves, the same recommendations apply, whether it is the karting glove (RACE-S and EASY-S), or the fireproof model (AVANT-S).

It is advisable to wash them in cold water with mild soap, carefully avoiding rubbing which could ruin the palm’s grip.

It is always necessary to let them dry in a place away from direct sources of light or heat.

Whenever washing is carried out, make sure that the velcro of the wrist is closed to avoid abrasion of the fabric.

Once washed, the gloves should be spread from the side of the sleeve with the fingertips pointing downwards, this ensures that the preformed structure of the glove remains unaltered.
Before proceeding, it is advisable to strictly follow the instructions indicated on the specific label affixed inside.

To obtain the best possible results after cleaning the suit, we strongly recommend avoiding the accumulation of dirt, for washing it is necessary to use neutral detergents, carefully avoiding the use of chemical solvents or aggressive substances which could also have an abrasive effect altering and damaging the integrity of the materials and consequently the functionality of the garment.
It is always recommended:

Strictly follow the instructions on the label inside the suit, where all the washing methods are indicated.

Before proceeding with washing, it is recommended to close all the parts with Velcro inserts (belt, pockets, front flap, neck).

To keep the colors bright and alive over time, it is advisable to wash the suit upside down and avoid direct exposure to both the sun’s rays and heat sources.

Do not use the dryer.

The bag that comes with the purchase of the suit serves to store it after each use, but make sure that it is completely dry because differently both the color and the fabrics may undergo variations (of colors, such as fading or premature aging of the fabric).

Carefully avoid rubbing the “EIP” protection with brushes or abrasive materials.

Washing in a washing machine is not recommended, instead it would be ideal to wash by hand, cold water and detergent for delicate items. In the presence of stubborn stains it is advisable to proceed with the stain removal gently to avoid damaging the external technical fabric.

Before proceeding with washing, it is advisable to close the front zip.

For a correct drying we recommend to lay the garment in a horizontal plane, avoiding to squeeze it.

It is necessary to always pay great attention during the washing since the PRO-TOR EIP is composed of different materials, therefore it always and exclusively applies what is reported on the internal maintenance label.